The Story of

Seek The Wildflowers

Hi beauties! My name is Audra and I'm the designer behind Seek The Wildflowers Jewelry. I create all of these bohemian jewelry pieces at my ferngully home in Lahaina, Maui. I've been collecting crystals ever since I can remember, always amazed by Mother Nature's natural beauty. Before living in Maui I did some Eat, Pray, Love inspired travelling and found my soul's inspiration while living and studying yoga in India. The beautiful bold yet delicate jewelry worn by the Indian women fascinated and encaptivated me. 


Four years later I found my love for wearing bold exotic jewelry turned into a passion to create and share it. Seek the Wildflowers was rooted in 2017 with my love of bold jewelry, India and mother nature in mind and has been blossoming ever since. I wanted to incorporate mother nature as much as possible in my designs. My brass pieces are all textured with natural stones such as lava rock from the island. Each shape and design is hand cut, so no two are alike.


It's my vision to create bold and unique pieces that call to you and make you feel empowered to be who you really are, uniquely, beautifully and undeniably you.

I'm all about artists supporting artists, in fact, so much of my inspiration comes from meeting and connecting with creative and beautiful souls wherever I go. I wanted to begin expanding  Seek the Wildflowers to support some of those inspiring artists who I feel a deep connection with their work. Seek the Wildflowers online shop is in Bloom and I'm excited to share, love and grow with you all. Keep an eye out for the magic y'all.


Love and Light,


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